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Find the comprehensive approach to accounting you need to succeed at Solution Resources. From start to finish ... onboarding to success planning, we build continuous growth for our clients through a dedicated process of thorough evaluation, advice, and service. Whether you need help with a start-up project and software solutions or ongoing qualified small business accountants, we have you covered.

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Solution Resources is a company focused on the success of small and mid-sized businesses. 

We work with companies to assist them in learning to manage their businesses through understanding their accounting and finance needs and train them to be self-sufficient.  We don't do accounting for you, we help you do accounting. 

You do your normal daily transactions such as billing, purchasing, payables, payroll, check-writing and bank downloads. We review your books monthly and make corrections as necessary with you so you learn. We also work to identify potential improvements in your processes to make the day-to-day operations run smoothly.  We identify possible tax savings and help you with outside financial statement or industry requirements (for example, banks and bonding agents) where specific additional industry information might be needed. Further, we give you the benefit of our experiences with 100's of past and current clients.  ....AND our staff are experienced professionals with real-world experience in a variety of industries. Our primary accounting software expertise is in QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Online which is a step up from the QuickBooks portfolio of products.

Our staff are n QuickBooks Solution Providers (QSP) but also QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors , we are experienced accounting professionals.  Our Team  Let our solid business experience work for you. We are not new to the mid-market entrepreneur or mid-market business. Mid-market is our business! Our consultants are accountants with real world experience. Let our decades of experience work for you.

Software Selection — While you have probably reviewed the Intuit Products we support, you may not know what solution is the best for your business. In connection with the product selection, we provide you with detailed information on the requirements and limitations of each product/version and each Subscription, along with the enhancements, features and integrated applications to customize the software selection for your current and future needs.

Data Conversion and Migration— When you acquire new software you inevitably want to bring in data from your old system. This process is a truly comprehensive project. Many find they don’t have the skills or the time to accomplish it. Even if you can learn the "how to," how much time will you spend learning something you will never need again? We can help. We have specialized training, software and proprietary import solutions to get the data into the new software.  We've helped hundreds of businesses get started with implementation, conversion and migration.  This is one of the most significant service lines we offer since getting off on the right foot is key to your success in onboarding new software.  We have the added knowledge gleaned from successful past migrations, learning to think outside of the box AND our internal and external business insight.  We've walked a mile in YOUR shoes.  On Boarding Your Software

Project and Ongoing Services - In addition to the unparalleled utility provided by our software, we offer wide-ranging assistance with a variety of advanced accounting services. Turn to us when you need:

Custom Reporting - Sometimes you want or need information that QuickBooks Standard Reports don't provide.  We can modify existing reports, create reports from Advanced Reporting or best of all build an integrated application, automation or import/export data specific to your company or industry needs.  We offer services for the complete life cycle of the solution, from requirement capture to design, development and testing.  Need a custom dashboard?  Need data import or export to/from external applications like CRM or Order Management? We've got you covered!   Introduction to one of our team - Kirsh

Data File Review — Either as you are ramping up or as you begin to notice problems, we can help make sure your financial reporting is accurate. On a periodic basis, we can perform a data file review (monthly, quarterly, or annually) and identify areas that are going wrong or need improvement. We like to make it a learning process for you and not something that you come back to us for frequently. Our primary goal is your self-sufficiency, but we are always here to help. 

 “Batch Transactions Cleaner” tool to cleanup the QuickBooks company file. This will help clients if they have huge transactions in their QuickBooks Company file that they want to clear. Our simple tool can help to select between dates to clear these transactions or by Customer/Vendor filters. Others may have a similar tool for Online, but this utility works for QuickBooks Desktop. This is one of those "you don't need it, to now you need it" utilities.

Year-End Close — As every year comes to an end, your closing procedures are vital to the success and organization of your company. With our assistance and QuickBooks reporting, you never have to worry about costly mistakes that could leave you struggling in the upcoming year.

Year-End Accounting — Do you need an in-depth analysis and accounting cleanup of your year-end data in preparation for an audit, review, or tax return? We can help. Team members have a background in public and private accounting and know the drill inside and out.

File Corruption — Is your existing file corrupted? We analyze the data, interpret the cause, find a solution and if necessary, build a new file, whether your file just got too big or other issues created the problem. Have negative inventory?  Call us.  Negative inventory, in addition to creating unreliable financial results, is an accident waiting to happen.

Implementation After the Fact —  Was your file set up improperly? Based on your needs, we will review the overall company setup and then review Customer, Vendor, and Item lists, as well as map them properly and customize them as needed. We can help you in the build assembly tasks and review and suggest changes to the chart of accounts for more comprehensive financial reporting, as well as review your reporting needs and customize/memorize reports so you achieve useful reports without defaulting to a spreadsheet solution. We can help you improve utilization and education on the product (Everything Enterprise plus in-depth, hands-on training of key personnel customized to your needs) and increase automation and efficiencies.

Internal Control — With the audit trail within QuickBooks, you can start the process of preventing potential losses and breaches of trust. Even if you trust your employees, proper internal control procedures are an effective counter to the ever-present possibility of human error. Small businesses have limitations due to the size of their staff. We can help you design procedures that will be effective but reasonable in light of the size of your business.

Project Management — From creating estimates to tracking work time, QuickBooks is the perfect solution for a wide variety of project management challenges. Keep track of overhead and always know where you stand on any job with our products.

GAAP Information — Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP, is considered to be the standard for financial accounting in the U.S. GAAP is used to guide accountants through the business of recording, summarizing, and preparing financial statements. Our fully qualified staff can help you take advantage of the same principles to better understand your business and see your internal financials through the eyes of the outside stakeholders. This is even more important as you grow your business. As you grow, there are external pressures to have your financial statements audited or reviewed.  Rather than be blindsided by the changes, why not be prepared?  We can help there too.  We have staff available to assist in the preparation of schedules necessary and even draft the financials and footnotes for you.

Success Planning — Prosperity rarely happens by accident. We help you gain the insight you need to plan effectively, set measurable goals, and take on the challenges that yield greater and greater results over time. Budgets and financial forecasts are within your reach.  Need financing, we can help you write that business plan.  With Intuit software, and guidance, you always know where you are financially, so you stay fully equipped for success.

Cleaning Up Inventory
Training above and beyond Everything Enterprise
External Compilation, Audit or Review Preparation, Including Schedules & Footnotes
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