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Fund Accounting 

Our Founding Partner, Sandy Robertson has worked with an in-house programmer developing a custom accounting and management information system for a 20 million dollar agency receiving funds from Federal, State and County Governments and private donors. Stacy Patrick, CPA has audited not-for-profit entities throughout the US.  We understand the needs of a Not for Profit and Fund Accounting. Better work, less time.

Nonprofit organizations can save time and work smarter with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

Work at peak efficiency with time-saving tools.Between 1 and 30 users can work simultaneously; there’s no need to and 30 users can work simultaneously; there’s no need to wait for access. Work in two company files at once, and easily combine reports from multiple files

Safeguard confidential donor data.Set individual user permission for more than 115 different activities, and easily fine-tune access permissions, giving employees access only to the information they need.

Exceptional capacity for donor lists.Store hundreds of thousands of donors, vendors, and items, growing your lists without compromising processing time. Enterprise Solutions has over six times the capacity of any other QuickBooks product.

Technical expertise not required. You don’t have to be a software expert to make QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions run smoothly for you. We train you to use the software correctly and set up Fund Accounting to receive the reports you need. Get peace of mind with the Full Service Plan: Full Service Plan US-based product specialists help you get the most out of Enterprise Solutions — and tailor its capabilities to meet your needs. Enjoy unlimited support calls, complimentary upgrades, online backup, data protection, and training materials — all included with your Full Service Plan membership   

If you’re running a nonprofit, you’ve probably heard about customer or constituent relationship management (CRM) software. You may even be considering using it to track donor contributions, sync donations with your accounting software, or send e-mail campaigns. In fact, these are all great uses for a nonprofit CRM. Were you aware, though, that your CRM software can also help you market more effectively?

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