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What is DCAA compliance?

Some government contracts require what's known as DCAA compliance. DCAA compliance means meeting the stringent regulations and auditing requirements overseen by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). A critical part of DCAA compliance is ensuring that your team members track their hours correctly. These rules apply to them whether they are working on the government contract or not.

Is QuickBooks Time DCAA-compliant?
There are many ways that QuickBooks Time can help you become DCAA compliant, but be aware that every single one of your team members is responsible for tracking their time correctly, so you will also need to provide regular training to ensure they comply with the regulations.

In a few simple steps, every QuickBooks Time account can be set up to help you meet the DCAA's time tracking requirements. This includes automated, daily reminders to ensure your team members submit their timesheets at the end of each workday, real-time reporting, and a robust audit trail. This audit trail records exactly when your team members' timesheets have been updated or edited, who made the changes, and why they made them—making one of the most complex parts of DCAA compliance much easier to follow.

To create this audit trail, your team members will need to use QuickBooks Time's Manual Time Card to track their time because currently our mobile time tracking options do not capture all of the information the DCAA requires. This means each team member simply enters their total number of hours at the end of each workday instead of clocking in and clocking out. Please note that this also means you will not have a record of their GPS locations during their workday.

What happens when we request that our QuickBooks Time account be configured for DCAA compliance?
QuickBooks Time:

Installs the DCAA compliance add-on. (There is no extra charge for this.)
Sets up daily time submission reminders.
Turns on the company-wide permission that allows team members to enter total hours worked on the Manual Time Card. They will then be unable to clock in and out via mobile or web.
Disables clock-in via text message and dial-in.
Want to learn more?
If you would like to find out more about how to use QuickBooks Time to help you make your time tracking DCAA compliant, please contact us:  Calendar

To ensure all your time tracking, payroll, and accounting procedures are DCAA compliant, we always recommend working with a DCAA compliance consultant.

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